HIPAA compliance is extremely important and mandatory for medical practices, from electronically saved documents to protected health information (PHI) discussed over the phone with patients and fellow employees. HIPAA violations can result in fines ranging from $100 to $50,000 per violation (or per record), up to $1.5 million in strict penalties, criminal charges, and jail time. This should be more than enough reason for medical practices to want to install and implement VoIP for their daily business activities.

The biggest medical practice phone issues that VoIP can resolve are the following:

  • Phone call security (a PHI issue)
  • PHI shared via voicemail (which might or might not also be sent to a business email; another PHI issue)
  • Phone call clarity (which, when lacking, can lead to miscommunication concerning the name of a medicine or the dosage amount)

If you’re concerned that these might be an issue for you medical practice, you can find out how to keep your phones secure and protect patient information by submitting your business information for a free consult.

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