Let’s face it. Your business obviously needs phone service, but traditional landlines are a pain. If your business is growing, and you’re still using a traditional landline or PBX service, you’re probably all too familiar. Case in point: as your business expands and you gain more customers, eventually you’ll need to pay someone on your staff just to field and direct phone calls. Does that sound crazy to you? It should. And you should know there are better options out there.

The best of those options is VoIP. When it comes to the benefits of VoIP service, one of the biggest benefit is the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) answering service. You’re probably familiar with IVR—also called Auto Attendant or Auto Receptionist. Any time you call a company phone number that greets you with a friendly automated voice and guides you through a voice menu, that’s IVR.

IVR frees up your staff as your friendly AI receptionist

With IVR, you no longer need a staff member to answer and transfer calls. You have a robot to do that now. With VoIP, your business has one phone number, and all employees have an extension off that phone number. The IVR will answer all calls, and, if necessary, it will transfer the caller to the appropriate extension.

IVR uses interactive speech recognition and offers endless possibilities

You can program your IVR to recognize certain keywords and direct calls to the appropriate person or department. Instead of giving callers a list of frustrating, key-associated menus (e.g., “Press 1 for customer service. Press 2 for shipping, etc.,”), your callers can say “I need to speak with a representative,” or “track a package” to get to the right department. IVR is completely customizable in the keywords it recognizes and their associated actions. Whatever your business needs might be, IVR can handle them.

IVR handles multiple calls at once

For many callers, few things are as frustrating as a busy signal or lengthy call queue. A person can only answer one call at a time, but IVR can handle multiple. If several customers are calling your business at the same time, they’ll all get where they need to go without holding. What’s more, you can set up “ring groups.” If the extension a customer is trying to reach is busy or unavailable, the call will automatically route to another designated extension.

IVR improves your customer service and your image

It should now be apparent that IVR makes life easier for businesses and their customers, and that’s never a bad thing for customer service. IVR is easier to navigate than traditional phone menus, and ring groups help ensure that every caller quickly gets what they need. IVR is also great for your company image. When your callers are greeted by a friendly IVR, it can give your small operation a “big business” feel.

DigiFone will help you set it all up

DigiFone hosted VoIP is the best in the business at giving your company what it needs to succeed. DigiFone service comes with industry-leading features and client support. Don’t let missed calls and frustrated customers drag your business down. Take advantage of these key features that DigiFone has to offer:

  • Reliable service and crystal-clear call quality
  • Instant messaging and presence information
  • Teleconferencing and videoconferencing
  • Voicemail-to-email transcription
  • Make and receive phone calls on the go with your laptop or mobile device
  • Record and review calls with in-depth metrics
  • 100% HIPAA-compliant encryption and security features
  • On-site setup and training

Whether you’re running a small business, large corporation, non-profit or government organization, DigiFone VoIP covers all your phone system needs.

Don’t let outdated phone systems keep your business down. If you’re thinking about making the switch to VoIP, get started on a consultation with one of our experts. Call DigiFone at 614-635-9676 or chat with our representatives online.