Just like how VoIP provides business phone solutions for medical practices, VoIP can help dental offices too. VoIP can simplify everyday business tasks, improve information flow across multiple business channels, and decrease overall expenses.


Large call volumes and poor call quality are but two of the issues that can influence everyday dental practice operations. VoIP can help improve both of these things. It provides crystal-clear call quality and allows your dental office to take multiple calls at once.


VoIP also allows your dental office to take calls when your office is closed. You can set up an after-hours IVR to answer common questions, or you can have calls to the office routed to your mobile phone. This ensures you never miss an important call and helps your dental practice retain leads.


VoIP can also thwart unforeseen issues like ransomware attacks. Ransomware is a computer virus that limits or completely blocks access to your computer—including patient files. The hacker then demands that ransom be paid to regain access to your business information.


Ransomware is on the rise and has already affected hospitals and other medical practices throughout the U.S. Attacks like this can happen at any time and can result in serious downtime for your business, making it difficult or impossible to run your dental practice effectively, if at all.

Thankfully, VoIP easily addresses each of these issues:

Benefits of VoIP

• Free on-site training for your staff
• Phone mobility (can move with your business from location to location)
• Unlimited number of phones
• Network/system (scalable to meet business demands; perfect for multiple locations)
• Call metrics (to see where calls are coming from (e.g. online search, website, etc.))
• Call monitoring (to review call quality)

You won’t have to worry about any additional hardware costs, and you’ll have a pain-free VoIP installation.

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